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When the Heidelberg Project (HP) began in 1986, a sign was made to reflect its intent. It READ: THE HEIDELBERG PROJECT, SAYING, SEEING AND FEELING ALL THINGS. We could not have known then how true these words would ring 32-years later.

The brainchild of Detroit artist Tyree Guyton, HP has withstood the test of time demonstrating the resilience of Detroit and the remarkable power of the human spirit. The Heidelberg Project is a game-changing invention in the 21st century bringing diverse people together, sparking creative imagination and positive action. It has also provoked and penetrated deep into the consciousness of people throughout the globe. While extremely challenging and messy at times, this ever-changing outdoor art environment embodies what is special and fascinating about Detroit.

Currently, Detroit’s rich arts and culture community has no overall structure to facilitate collaboration, campaign for its growth, or champion its cause. Left to its own devices, our arts community has become a fragmented body of fierce competition, limited resources, and an absence of common ground and shared purpose. The continuing evolution of the Heidelberg Project offers an excellent case study that can spark conversations towards building a more coherent, supportive, and sustainable arts communities locally and internationally.

On October 11-14, 2018, we invite you to join leaders of the Heidelberg Project, national arts experts, civic and community leaders in a ground-breaking discussion about the Heidelberg Project; what we’ve learned, what’s next, and how you can be part of Heidelberg 3.0.

Our Mission:

The Heidelberg Project (“HP”) is an outdoor art environment in the heart of an urban area and a Detroit based community organization with a mission to improve the lives of people and neighborhoods through art.

Our Vision:

The theory of change for the Heidelberg Project begins with the belief that all citizens, from all cultures, have the right to grow and flourish in their communities. The HP believes that a community can re-develop and sustain itself, from the inside out, by embracing its diverse cultures and artistic attributes as the essential building blocks for a fulfilling and economically viable way of life.

THANK YOU to our conference committee:

Jenenne Whitfield, Heidelberg Project, President
Sigal Hemy, Erb Family Foundation, Program Officer
Marion (Mame) Jackson, PhD, Wayne State University
Holly Feen, Ph.D., ATR-BC, Wayne State University Associate Professor and Coordinator
Jacqueline Taylor, PhD, City of Detroit, Lead Historian
Kimberly Driggins, City of Detroit, Strategic Planning, Director
Karen Patterson, John Michael Kohler Arts Center, (Sheboygan, WI) Exhibitions & Collections, Curator
Joan Verla, ArtCorpsDetroit
Devon Keen, UM, School of Information, Outreach and External Transfers, Asst Director
Julie Egan, Salonierre, Founder & HP Board of Directors
Elysia Borowy-Reeder, Executive Director, MOCAD
Lisa Stone, The School of Art Institute Chicago, RB Study Collection, Curator
Brooke D. Anderson, Philadelphia Academy of the Fine Arts, Director