Heidelberg Conference

An in-depth exploration of the 32-year journey of the critically acclaimed Heidelberg Project designed to initiate and capture dialogue among Detroit artists, arts organizations, city officials, foundations, institutions, corporations, and community members to begin formulating ways to incorporate our creative assets into Detroit’s Future.

October 11 - October 14th, 2018



What in the world have we accomplished—this past weekend was magical!  I want to publicly thank you all for the role that each of you played to make 360 of Heidelberg an amazing, inspiring and impactful success! 

More to come —Jenenne Whitfield 


Conference Guiding Principles

>> Art is a catalyst for positive change in a community

>> Art is medicine

>> Art changes attitudes in the short term and behavior in the long term

Exploration in sectors such as:  Art in Spirituality (Therapy), Art for Art’s Sake, Art in Education, Art in Social Justice, Art in Economic and Community Development, Art in Preserving and Protecting, Art in Business, and Art in Politics.


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